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【for foreigners】Maid Cafe Experience

エリア 神田・秋葉原・御茶ノ水エリア
開催期間 2018年01月14日(日)

Originating in Akihabara about 20 years ago.
The maid café culture is making its way into pop culture around the world.
This time, we are going to meet the legendary Ms. Hitomi from at home cafe, 
a globally famous cafe, and get our feet wet learning about the history of 
maid cafes and their appearances on the world’s stage. 
Also, we will take a course on “Moe Moe Rock, Paper, Scissors,”
and have a role-play experience becoming “masters” and “mistresses” at a maid café.


Date Jan.14,2018 (Sun) From 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.(Meeting time 12:20 p.m.)
Meeting Place CIS “Chiyoda Information Station”
(5minutes’ walk from JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit) access
Fee 500yen per person (Tax in)
Qualification Foreign nationality



12:20 Meeting at CIS
12:30 Talk event with guests (Maid cafés’ history, their appearances on the world’s stage, etc. )
13:00 Payment and procedures
13:30 A quick lesson on maid attractions at CIS(Moe Moe Rock, Paper, Scissors)
14:00 Depart CIS and look around famous maid cafes (CURE MAID CAFÉ, etc.)
14:30 A role-play experience becoming “masters” and “mistresses” at “at home café.”
15:30 Going back to CIS and full questionnairethen break up(16:00)


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